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#30623 eBay Custom Label for Items with Variations

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 25 October 2016 - 01:52 PM

Hang in there... I hope to have something that will help with your reordering in the next couple of months.



#30567 eBay Custom Label for Items with Variations

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 23 October 2016 - 10:52 AM

I keep things real simple.


When creating a SB item, SB gives said item an "Item #" automatically that can't be changed.


I just make the items "SKU" that #.


Then when making a variation item, (which I have over a thousand of) each variations "SKU" will have that number and the scenario would go like this......


SB "Item ID" - 2495

SB "Item SKU" - 2495

SB Variations "SKU's" - 2495-1, 2495-2, 2495-3, 2495-4, 2495-5 an so on.


SB will not send a "SKU" to your eBay listing "Custom Label" field with ANY variation. So I then go to eBay and change the "Custom Label" to "2495"


Makes any of my inventory queries very simple and clean

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#30272 Purchase order, inventory program, & Magento 2.x integration

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 28 September 2016 - 04:30 PM

I've requested this more than once, so he is not the only one!


We personally talked about it over the phone and also in a 2013 ticket.

#28649 I Need Help With How to Make Restock Purchase Order

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 09 May 2016 - 11:02 AM



I'm not even talking about integration with suppliers at all.


I'm simple asking for a way to enter the items into SB in one click, via a P/O form.



Populate a form with all said SKU's I just purchased from said supplier with quantities and costs and with one click all those items get added into each items or variations.


Instead of now, where I have to go into each items variation window, find the right variation and enter the info there. One by one.


Never asked or really ever want it to be synced with a suppliers website or whatever.



PS: I'm sure this may be able to be done via file transfer of some kind. But I absolutely hate doing that. I always end up spending more time correcting errors of the transfer than what it's worth.

#27046 External ID# for each variation

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 03 February 2016 - 08:42 PM

I really need the "External ID#" added to each variation.


If each gets a "Product ID" and "SKU", the "External ID#" should also be available.


If each variation needs a unique "Product ID", it should in theory also need a unique "External ID#"

#22236 Strange WYSIWYG Editor Behavior

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 25 October 2014 - 11:30 AM

All good info Sally and greatly appreciated.


However, at the risk of being a TOTAL jerk here, I don't see why in the world anyone should have to use another editor tool to use an editor tool that should work anyways. This is a listing tool and having a working description editor is not asking too much. IMHO


I don't buy a car when the tires are flat.


Just venting frustration, from someone who's been dealing with the editor problems for years now.


It's good to have options for the more advanced users, but....................the in house WYSIWYG editor should at least work!


I obviously don't decide what's important in SB, but seriously!

#20705 Is There A Way To Bulk Add Inventory?

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 21 August 2014 - 11:40 AM

Here's how I see it now, and probably for the last year. (Ever since I finally realized SB was only created with BT users in mind since day one!)


When I was in High school (Dinosaur era) I had a real close friend who I had gym class with one year. Each Friday we had to run a mile and was graded on our time that we ran it in. Every week for half the year we just ran together talking about girls and stuff teen guys talk about and each always received a "C" grade for our times. It was fun and comfortable doing it that way.


Then one day after one lap around the small indoor track I told him "Screw It, I'm gonna see what real time I can get" So as he kept his steady jogging I actually ran the rest of the way. Surprise Surprise, I got an "A" that day. From that day on I got an "A".


Jogging with my friend was easy good enough until I figured out how easy it was to get an "A".



When it comes to listing to eBay SB is HANDS DOWN THE BEST TOOL AVAILABLE!



I LOVE SB and what it does for eBay, but not for a full-time business who sells on multi-venue sites (eBay, Amazon, Cart and Retail). That's not bashing SB for what it does do PERFECT, it's just stating FACTS!

#20700 Is There A Way To Bulk Add Inventory?

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 21 August 2014 - 11:12 AM

I'm not sure I understand why you think using csv files is so cumbersome, but that's pretty much what you're stuck with in SB and it works.  Put in a feature request if you have suggestions for a better way.



I have way too balls in the air now to also have to do all the CSV file crap too. That's what paying for a tool should do for me. IMHO!

#19710 Create An Order/invoice From A Variation Listing

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 29 June 2014 - 02:59 PM

Ok, I will open up a ticket for this.


I AM TOTALLY PUTTING A BUMP for this Feature Request! This is crazy because it is very important.




I don't understand why this wasn't available from the start really.


But like always I'm not a coder and have no idea what it would take.


But without it, makes no sense whatsoever!

#19633 Monsoon / Stoneedge.....any Users? Any Goods Or Bads Would Be Great To Hear

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 25 June 2014 - 07:00 PM

Neither offer x-cart though.


I don't use a Cart yet, but definitely looking to do so soon

#19310 Is There A Way To Bulk Add Inventory?

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 05 June 2014 - 08:39 PM

Hi, you will have to do a csv import to bulk add inventory. You would simply fill in the fields you would like to update with the correct SKU. The easiest way to do this, is to simply export your inventory out via CSV. You would then put in the correct inventory numbers. 

See image below and sample excel file.


Sample Inventory update file




With all due respect.....I have no interest in doing all the CSV file CRAP!


If i'm paying for a tool I also expect the tool to do this for me

#19119 Inventory Management For Multiple Venues?

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 26 May 2014 - 05:14 PM

It would be REAL NICE, but NOT likely to happen if any Sixbit dev would give us any info on their plans.


While looking at other tools, they give webinars and tell their users what they are working on with their tools.


But in SB it's always a secret until it comes out in a Beta release 

#18773 Inventory Management For Multiple Venues?

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 07 May 2014 - 11:25 AM

I said I wasn't gonna talk about it, but since everyone else is...............



I'll say this about Solid Commerce. I liked the overall interface of it, but they couldn't even get my listings imported into it. So after 3 days of that not happening I moved on.


They are integrated with my QB POS which would be great, but the way they integrate with it pretty much would make my QB POS a dummy POS, as it only decrements the inventory away from the POS and doesn't give the POS the sale. So in essence I would have sales from retail in my POS and sales from eCommerce in SC. Not the way I would envision it. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.


They are more $ than Brightpearl with less IMO. They have a better interface than Brightpearl though.


The support I got was really good, but not sure how it is after you get it going. I don't really read into very many Negative reviews, because I think most reviews are usually only the pissed off users and not the really satisfied users, so the numbers are somewhat tilted towards Negatives IMO. But, that being said they have tons of bad reviews. I do like how they're totally in the US though.




Now Brightpearl is another question all together. I really liked what I saw and am leaning towards them for sure. The learning curve is steep, but every tool that has what I'm looking for is going to be that way. They have tons of training videos and with the 30 trial it was relatively easy to get the hang of it while putting dummy info into the DB (They have a "Clear DB" process which will start you fresh, VERY nice). They just got a 10 Million dollar Capital investment, which is great news. They have absolutely everything that I mentioned in my previous message. Their eBay Integration is fairly new though, but already very robust.


Brightpearl pulled all my eBay listings in and then you can create your Brightpearl Products from those listings really easy.


In Brightpearl & SC Pictures are done URL style, which I don't like, but could also be good as well.


Both Brightpearl & SC have the equivalent of SB Allo Plans, Which I swear by!!


Accounting System is built in which is huge. My accountant who is a QB exclusive type person, says she likes it and says it's very comparable to QB


We buy from suppliers, so this has always been an issue with BT and SB. As it stands now I will have to do a PO from my supplier in my QB POs and then take each item and add the inventory into SB. Very time consuming. In Brightpearl & SC for that matter, it's a simple PO process with a click would update all my venues at the same time. HUGE time saver with less possibilities of errors also.




Just have so much on my plate right now with the new retail and it already being the middle of May, I'm going to stick with my QB POS and see if I can keep up with the, sell something in retail and then update SB thing until January, then see where Brightpearl and SB or any other tool out there are. There's just been so many new tools emerge in the last 12 months its staggering. It's not what I want to do, but with all the work with the modeling of the retail space and everything entailed in just getting open for business, I don't have the time to switch tools right now. Plus it gives SB more time to MAYBE improve for us bigger sellers (Which JS has stated he's really not interested in anyways, so not holding my breath on that) and give Brightpearl time with the new 10 million dollar infusion to get better too. Hell, even another tool may be out by then too. But may change my mind on waiting at any moment to be honest.


I've asked thru tickets and even personal message directly to JS (with no response I might add) about contract work to get QB POS Integration with a NO or like I said even ignoring my PM message about the subject. Even if I had just that it would be hard to leave SB and not wait for Amazon and others. But IT IS WHAT IT IS!


Big question is why are all the Europeans so much smarter than us. they have all the ALL-In-One tools


This is not part-time or a hobby for me and many others, it's our income and with the landscape of today, just selling on eBay is not an option. So we all make decisions based on our needs, not necessarily on our wants. I WANT SB to be more, but I NEED more. Other than a Loss Leader that BT was to eBay, the other reason BT was on the road to oblivion is it made no sense as it was only for eBay, not ideal in the world we live in now.

#15638 Android App

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 11 January 2014 - 10:08 PM

not directed toward anyone.


Directed at the thought that this should be before amazon, pos and so on.


I want SB to be everything for everyone too. But first things first is all I'm saying.


I'm also looking at opening retail....just out of curiosity, how are you handling inventory then with ebay and retail not being synced. 



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#15176 Wanted: In-Line Editing Mode In "sell Items"

Posted by Global Mart Plus on 26 December 2013 - 03:58 PM

The way the grids are in SB, will never allow in-Line editing to be possible.


This feature has been brought up many times in the past. In fact a lot of times by me.


You can open up the edit window of an item and then just navigate to the next item, so you don't have to close the window on each item. Via the arrows at the top of edit window