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New Forum - Please Help Me Test It Out

10 November 2016 - 03:10 PM

Hi all,


As you may have read in the latest release notes, we have updated our website.  One of the reasons was so we could provide a single signon to the web site, client area and forums.  No longer will you need separate signons for the Client Area and forum.


We know this forum is very helpful to users and that it has tons of historical information in it so we aren't going to just turn it off on short notice.  Instead, I would like you all to start by taking a look at the new forum and maybe posting some test questions or posts and then start asking and answering some questions there.  The new forum is the one that new users are directed to, so I would expect there to be some newbie questions arising there.


Over time, we will start posting stronger notices to this board to start trying the other board and eventually will prevent new posts on this board.  Once most of the data on this board is outdated, we probably eventually retire it, but hopefully the new board will have a large library of helpful answers by then.


So, for starters, if you have a few minutes, please login to our website at www.sixbitsoftware.com using your normal Client Area userid/password, then go to Support|Discussion Forums and check it out.  I'll see you there.

Rallying the Troops

31 August 2016 - 01:03 PM

Hi all,


As many of you may have seen, eBay has announced in their Fall Seller Update that Turbo Lister will be going away in June of 2017.  This doesn't affect SixBit users, but there will be many thousands of Turbo Lister users who will have to find another way to do business.  eBay is recommending that these sellers migrate from a desktop tool to the online Seller Hub, however many users still prefer a desktop application.


I'm reaching out to all of you here in our community to help spread the word to Turbo Lister users that there is another viable desktop application.  If you haven't already, I urge all of you to go to your client area and signup for the affiliate plan.  As an affiliate, you will get a link to use when referring any user.  If that user signs up, then you will receive 10% of their subscription fees every month!  Over the coming year, there are literally tens of thousands of opportunities for you to help someone find the right selling tool and receive a reward for doing so.  


Although eBay plans to support all of the features of TL, there are just some things that it can't do.

  • desktop apps can respond more quickly.  No waiting for web pages to load.
  • listings can be created and worked on offline
  • all data is stored locally so it can be saved forever
  • we are multichannel and will be adding more channels over time
  • listings can be organized into folders
  • all past TL listings can be imported into SixBit.  Only running ones can be seen in the Seller Hub.
  • SixBit simply has tons more features than Seller Hub including: a builtin Item Research Tool, picture editor with automated picture processing, customizable item entry, easy import/export of data, custom fields, custom workflow, drop shipper support, consignment support, packing lists, pick lists, and tons more.

There are already eCommerceBytes articles about confused Turbo Lister users.  





... and the eBay boards are also starting to get inquiries...




The SixBit community has always been willing to share its experience with other sellers and we hope you will continue to do so to expand our vibrant community.  It is not our intent to spam the world with ads for SixBit but rather to make sure that TL users who need an option know about us.  Please be respectful of users in discussion groups and reply specifically to issues they are having and how you think SixBit can help.


If you were a Blackthorne user, you know how the Turbo Lister users are feeling right now.  Let's do our best to give them a soft place to land.


Please let me know if you need any help with any users as you spread the word, and as always we truly appreciate your support.



John Slocum

Seller seeking advice on our Facebook page

11 August 2016 - 08:58 AM

Hi all,


There is a seller wondering if SixBit really helps with listings.  Any kind soul wanna tell him what he's missing?




It's a comment under the top post.