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John Slocum's Blog > What Every Turbo Lister User Should Know About SixBit

Posted 03 September 2015

What Every Turbo Lister User Should Know About SixBit

eBay’s Turbo Lister has been around for a long time and has helped hundreds of thousands of users sell on eBay. A program doesn’t stay around as long as Turbo Lister without having some advantages. Turbo Lister has always been an easy way to get items quickly listed on eBay and as an added benefit...

John Slocum's Blog > Inventory Improvements Coming in SixBit 2.0

Posted 21 April 2015

Hi all,

As you may have seen we’re beginning to collect volunteers for Alpha testing and expect to begin testing next week. This week though, I’m going to tell you about the inventory changes we’ve made and how they are going to help you be more productive.

First, let me start out by describing the Blackthorne method of tracking inventory vs. the SixBi...

John Slocum's Blog > Custom Fields in the Upcoming SixBit 2.0

Posted 09 April 2015

In my last blog post, I told you about some of the exciting changes coming in SixBit 2.0. I also promised that I'd be giving more details as we near a beta test phase. Today I'd like to tell you about the new Custom field functionality that we've been working on.

Since I started working with eBay sellers in the late 90's, one thing that has always stood...

John Slocum's Blog > Looking to the Future: Upcoming Plans for SixBit - Summer 2015

Posted 04 March 2015

Looking to the Future

This past year has been incredible as we've welcomed thousands of Blackthorne users back into the fold. During that time, we've heard from many of you about the features that you would like to see added or improved upon. Although our development resources were stretched during the migration, the addition of the Blackthorne users h...